More Information - Water Heater For Outbacker Stoves

These water heaters have been designed to harness the heat of your Frontier or Outbacker stove to provide hot water on tap!

It wraps around the bottom flue section and sits on top of our portable wood burning stove. Once the water has boiled the water heater can be turned around to hang from the bottom flue.

You can use a kettle on the stoves, but using the water heater means that more of the top plate is free for your other pots and pans.

The Small Stove Water Heater holds 3 litres and the large heater holds 5 litres! Both sizes are made from brushed Stainless Steel.

Size - Small Heater: 210mm x 140m x 320 mm. Weight: 1.6kg

Size - Large Heater - 310mm x 170mm x 190mm. Weight: 1.93 kg